Bird control is achieved by installing deterrents such as bird spikes, exclusion with bird netting or wire mesh, trapping resident birds or a combination of these methods.

We can also help with cleaning up the mess caused upon completion of a bird control treatment.

Birds in or around residential & commercial properties can spread disease, cause infestations of Bird mites & leave large deposits of feces, bird infestations around food handling premises can also lead to prosecution by council or food authority inspectors.

Residential Pest Control

Our professional staff can assist you with controlling all sorts of pests in your home without risking the safety of your family or pets. We are available weekends & after hours to ensure mini-mal disruption to your family. Staff are be available until 10 pm to help you with urgent treatments for biting, stinging insect control as well as advice on Termites.

General Pest Treatment

General Pest Treatment of residential areas is conducted with carefully selected synthetic pyrethroids that are safe for your family & do not leave unpleasant odours while providing you with lasting results & minimal inconvenience. General pest treatments in residential areas include six months warranty. Annual general pest treatments for Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders are the best way to protect your home & family from large infestations of pests that can spread disease & cause serious illness from venomous bites.

Biting Insects Treatment:

Biting insect treatments are conducted using chemicals that provide rapid control & are safe for your family & pets, biting insect treatments include six months warranty. Fleas, Bed Bugs & Bird Lice cause discomfort to people & pets as well as having the potential to cause serious health problems through allergic reactions. Treatment for biting insects should be arranged as soon as they are noticed to prevent large infestations. Regular vacuuming, lawn mowing & preventative medication for pets will also help with preventing large infestations of biting insects.

Stinging Insects:

Stinging insect treatments are conducted to insure rapid control & are safe for your family & pets, stinging insect treatments include six months warranty. Bees & Wasps are the cause of severe allergic reactions in many people. When a hive or nest is small they may seem harmless enough to leave them alone however when the weather starts to get warmer or the nest/hive grows larger they can become aggressive & unpredictable.

Fabric Pests:

Control of fabric pests is performed by inspecting the infested or damaged areas to identify the fabric pest present & treating these areas with chemicals that provide safety for your family & pets all well as long residual life. Fabric pest treatments include six months warranty. Carpet Beetles & Clothes Moths are often the cause of expensive or irreplaceable floor coverings, furnishings and clothing becoming damaged or destroyed. Regular vacuuming & appropriate storage will help with early detection & rapid control of infestations.