Termites Control Services

Our professional staff can assist you with controlling all sorts of termites & pests in your home without risking the safety of your family or pets. Our Termites Control Services are very professional and use only advance technology. We are available weekends & after hours to ensure minimal disruption to your family. Staff are available until 10 pm to help you with urgent treatment of biting or stinging insects as well as advice on Termites.

Termites Control Services

termite control central coastHills Commercial termites Control understands that your home is the biggest single investment you are likely to make & that the high risk of Termite infestation in Sydney can cause a great deal of stress. Only professional licensed & insured pest management technicians with years of experience should be entrusted with the management of such an important asset.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal imaging inspection is where we use a highly sensitive thermal imaging camera to locate ther-mal anomalies within the building. Inspection with a thermal camera can often be the only non invasive method of locating signs of active Termites around areas where access is obstructed or restricted such as internal framing & flat roofing.

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We use high quality thermal imaging cameras that can take 19,200 temperature measurements & detect temperature change of as low as 0.06°C. The 2 pictures on the right show what we see visually & what the thermal imaging camera can identify, this property had un seen Termite activity within the framing timbers.
Thermal imaging inspections are conducted in conjunction with a Termite inspection or timber pest inspection & at additional cost.


termite control services sydneyThe Exterra Termite interception & baiting system uses monitoring stations installed around buildings to intercept Termites where they are treated with a Termite bait. In buildings where Termites are already present the bait is directly applied to infested areas. The bait is spread throughout the Termite colony by the Termites killing the whole colony.

Termite baiting with Exterra is a safe long term solution to Termite management because of the ability to destroy the Termite colonies that are within range of your home preventing re-infestation by the same colony years after. This method of termite control is reliable, safe, can control Termite colonies even before they enter your home & less invasive as we do not need to drilling through tiles on internal concrete slab areas. This will not denote the need for regular Termite inspection (as per AS-3660.2) of your property.