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Termites (White Ants)

Termite treatment & inspection conducted by professional licensed & insured pest management technicians with years of experience.Ongoing training as well as industry leading Termite inspection methods & Termites control systems for early detection & reliable control of Termites in & around your most valuable assets. Our white ant treatments are highly effective.
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Termite Inspection according to AS-3660.2 and Pre Purchase Inspection according to AS-4349.3

Our technicians can asses the current condition of your property or a property you are considering purchasing by conducting a detailed Termite inspection (Timber pest inspection) & written report providing you with vital information about past or present Termite damage & activity.Termite inspection reports provide you with recommendations on reducing the risk of future Termite damage or wood decay & asses your existing Termite management program.


Termatrac T3i certified

Termatrac uses radar technology to help locate active Termites in areas that we would not be able to access without cutting or drilling holes.
Using this technology enables us to provide a more thorough & less invasive inspection.When Termite activity is located with the Termatrac device we are able to more accurately pin point the areas that require an invasive inspection for visual confirmation & identification with a borescope. Our technicians are fully equipped for termite inspections.

termite control sydney hills districtUsing the Termatrac to locate the areas that contain live Termites can help to identify the extent of active Termite workings within the building & more accu-rately locate any Termite entry points in hidden areas.
When Termite activity is located we then conduct an invasive inspection of the area for visual confirmation & identification with a bore scope. This is done by making 25mm holes to insert the bore scope lens.


Termite Control

termite control services pennant hillsHow to control Termites in residential buildings depends upon many variables, prior to providing your free quote we asses details such as type of construction, access, species of Termite, damage caused, safety of various methods, cost of various methods & surrounding areas.

termite control hills districtThe most common treatment methods we recommend in residential buildings are either a liquid chemical treated zone with “Bifenthrin” or a Termite monitoring & baiting system using the “Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System”.


D.I.Y. Termite risk reduction

Remove food sources from below, against or around your home. Forming timbers, stored timber, wood chips, hardwood sleepers & cardboard all provide Termites with a food source. Expose concrete slab edge to depth of 75mm (slab on ground buildings) or external walls to 600mm below floor level (suspended buildings), remove heavy foliage or storage against buildings to improve visual access to areas where Termites are likely to enter. Repair water leaks & drain hot water & air conditioner overflows to stormwater, ensure adequate drainage is installed around buildings & subfloor ventilation below suspended buildings. This will not denote the need for regular Termite inspection (as per AS-3660.2) of your property.


Termite treatments

Termite treatments using liquid chemicals such as Bifenthrin are installed below & around buildings to prevent termites from accessing the structure. Chemical is sprayed or injected into the soil against foundation walls & supporting piers, below concrete (slab on ground) areas and into any Termite nest that we locate on your property. Termite treatments using Bifenthrin have an expected protection life of up to 10 years in ideal conditions. This method of termite control is a reliable, low maintenance & normally the fastest & most economical way to protect a home from Termites. This will not denote the need for regular Termite inspection (as per AS-3660.2) of your property


Termite Risk Reduction

commercial pest control sydneyReducing the risk of Termite infestation can save you thousands of dollars. We can help you reduce the risk of damage by removing subfloor timber debris & forming timbers as well as improving subfloor ventilation. Removing timber on the ground around buildings (including wood chips), improving drainage & exposing the slab edge on slab on ground areas will also reduce the risk of Termite infestation.


Pre Construction

Termite pre-construction installations using the TermX replenishment system are a reliable long term solution for new buildings & additions. We install the pipes below the concrete slab prior to construction & around the building after construction. The system is re-charged with chemical at 3 year intervals, your builder should be consulted before choosing a pre construction method. This will not denote the need for regular Termite inspection (as per AS-3660.2) of your property

Termite pre construction treatments are required to comply with local council regulations. After reviewing (& extensive field testing) of the pre construction treatment systems currently available Hills Commercial Pest Control recommends the use of the “TermX replenishment system” due to its reliability, economy, protection life & installation flexibility.

Chemical treated zones can also be used for Pre construction treatment if permitted by your local council but do not have many of the benefits of a replenishment system.