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Residential pest treatment & Termite inspection services are conducted by professionally trained, licensed & insured technicians using the safest & most reliable products & treatment methods available.

After-hours pest control services are available to ensure minimal disruption to your family or work, for urgent treatment of biting or stinging insects & for advice on Termite inspection & control. Staff are available to discuss your residential pest problems weekdays from 8am to 9pm & Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.

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General Pest Treatment

General Pest Treatment of residential areas is conducted with carefully selected synthetic pyrethroids that are safe for your family & do not leave unpleasant odors while providing you with lasting results & minimal inconvenience. General pest treatments in residential areas include six months warranty. Annual general pest treatments for Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders are the best way to protect your home & family from large infestations of pests that can spread disease & cause serious illness from venomous bites.

Termite Inspection

Termite inspection on a residential building involves a detailed assessment of accessible timbers found in roof voids, internal areas, subfloor areas & external areas. An assessment of conditions that are likely to encourage Termite activity or increase the risk of Termite infestation. Inspection is carried out by visual inspection, use of physical sounding tools to asses timber density, using moisture meters. We provide you with a detailed report on inspection results & site conditions as well as recommendations to reduce risk. Annual residential Termite inspections comply with AS 3660.2

Termite Inspection Pre-purchase

A Pre-Purchase Termite inspection for a property that you are considering to buy involves all of the same procedures as an annual Termite inspection that you would conduct on a property that you already own but includes some more details in the inspection process & reporting paperwork provided to comply with AS-4349.3

Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection

Thermal imaging inspection is where we use a highly sensitive thermal imaging camera to locate thermal anomalies within the building. Inspection with a thermal camera can often be the only non invasive method of locating signs of active Termites around areas where access is obstructed or restricted such as internal framing & flat roofing. We use high  quality thermal imaging cameras that can take 19,200 temperature measurements & detect temperature change of as low as 0.06C. The 2 pictures show what we see visually & what the thermal imaging camera can identify. Thermal imaging inspections are usually conducted along with a Termite inspection or Pre-purchase Termite inspection.

Borescope Inspection

Borescope Inspection  in an invasive inspection method used to view inside trees, wall cavities, below concrete slabs or other inaccessible areas that contain live Termites can help to identify the extent of active Termites within the building & more accurately locate suspected Termite entry points.

Termite Treatment

There are several ways to control Termites in residential buildings The most common treatment methods we recommend in residential buildings are either a liquid chemical treatment using a Termiticide spay or a Termite monitoring & baiting system using the Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System. How we determine the best way to control Termites in your home depends upon many variables including safety, type of construction, available access, species of Termite, the damage caused, safety of  various methods, cost of treatment & surrounding environmental conditions.


Liquid Termiticide Chemical Treatment

Termite treatments using liquid chemicals are installed below & around buildings to prevent termites from accessing the structure. Chemical is sprayed or injected into the soil against foundation walls & supporting piers, below concrete (slab on ground) areas and into any Termite nest that we locate on your property. Termite treatments using Bifenthrin have an expected protection life of up to 10 years in ideal conditions. This method of termite control is a reliable with low maintenance & normally the fastest way to protect a home from Termites.


Termite Interception & Baiting System

The Exterra Termite interception & baiting system uses monitoring stations installed around buildings to intercept Termites where they are treated with a Termite bait. In buildings where Termites are already present the bait is directly applied to infested areas. The bait is spread throughout the Termite colony by the Termites killing the whole colony. Termite baiting with Exterra is a safe long term solution to Termite management because of the ability to destroy the Termite colonies that are within range of your home preventing re-infestation by the same colony years after. This method of termite control is reliable, safe, can control Termite colonies even before they enter your home & less invasive as we do not need to drilling through tiles on internal concrete slab areas.

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