Sub floor Ventilation

With more than 20 years experience using a variety of products we can improve your existing sub floor ventilation to provide maximum airflow by installing passive high volume vents & low voltage, high flow ducted in-line fan systems or a combination of these products.

We provide professionally installed subfloor ventilation systems that solve your mold & moisture problems, look good & have a long service life. Ventilation systems are deigned specifically for your property conditions, construction type & budget.

The most efficient solution for sub floor ventilation at your property will be provided in writing upon completion of an obligation free on site assessment by experienced & fully insured installers. We offer no charge subfloor ventilation quotes throughout Sydney.

Why Improve Sub floor Ventilation:

  • Nasty odours
  • Warped or expanded timber floors
  • Timber decay to structural timbers
  • Rising damp due to poor drainage
  • Cracking of walls, render or internal linings.
  • Reduces the risk of a future termite infestation
  • Reduces soil moisture levels to enable chemical treatment of termite infestations.
  • Health problems ranging from minor allergies to serious respiratory infection.
  • Mould growth in subfloor or on internal walls/ceilings as well as carpets & stored goods.

Brass Mesh Vents:

Brass mesh vents are installed either when no existing vents are found or to replace existing terracotta vents where they are not providing enough air flow. Brass mesh vents have 10 times greater air flow than a terracotta vent & do not need a head on breeze to allow air to flow through to subfloor areas.

We can install brass mesh vents in brick veneer or double brick foundations & have a variety of colors available to suit existing brickwork & mortar. Painted or rendered buildings are usually fitted with plain cement vents so they can be painted to match at a later date.

Sub floor Ventilation Fans

Ducted in-line sub floor ventilation fans are used to remove damp air from below the building. In some properties they are used to remove air from areas where vents are not able to be installed however they can also be used to increase airflow through the vents to compensate for high soil moisture levels.

Our sub floor ventilation fan systems are low voltage, have high airflow, low running cost, a long service life, require no on-going maintenance & have low noise levels.

5 Years Warranty

ExtractAir in-line sub floor ventilation systems installed by us include 5 years warranty.

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